Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mother has returned from Italy but she’s flying back in 2 weeks for the next 6 months or something.

I told her I wanted to have sushi for lunch because I’ve been craving from looking at food porn.

The first thing she said to me as I hopped into the car was

I hope you’re not pregnant, why are you craving for sushi?

First off, there’s no reason needed for sushi. IT’S SUSHI.

Second, I haven’t been getting any so, no mum.

This is why I’m afraid to ask her to buy… ‘girly thingies’ for me. She’d definitely pop the, ‘Are you a virgin?’ question.

When I first began to really feel the effects of having high blood pressure (ladies and gentleman eat well, you don't want to end up like me, an 18 year old who's obese and has to deal with high blood pressure due to that) my mother thought I was having a heart attack. I just couldn't breathe as well as I usually do, but I was not on the floor and there was no reason to think otherwise. Completely overreacts.

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